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We provide a completely free Telegram chatroom where we share the latest economic news, market updates and our team of trader’s analyses!

1-7 Signals per week, Day and Swing trades, Sunday Market Breakdown Webinars, Educational content from videos to PDFs, 24/7 global support



Every Sunday you will be sent an a market rundown, covering what happened over the previous week and how they may have effected the markets. The week ahead will also be included, listing news to pay attention to, what results are expected along with pairs to watch. An added bonus, our professional traders will also attach their analysis for you

Priced at $10 per month 


We are a team of professional and ex-institutional traders brought together with the single goal of bringing nothing but exceptional trades and education for Retail Traders of all background and experiences.

With over 4 years of history, 2000+ members and 6 staff members we bring you EliteTraders. We provide both Swing and Day trades with developed, optimised strategies. We utilise each of our traders strengths so we can capitalise in any market condition.

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Meet the team

James Head of EliteTraders

Justin Crypto Trader

Tobias Stock & Forex Trader

Joshua Web Designer & Backend

Jatin Graphic Designer

Andrew Client Support


"Absolutely fantastic service"

Absolutely fantastic service. You learn a lot about the art of profiting in the financial markets. The advice and the analysis attached make easy understanding even for beginners. The group is full of supportive people. Unlike other services like this one you won't be bullied and forced to lose your hard earned money. So join Hades Traders, you will not regret it. I promise you.

James Deen

"Top quality signals and education!"

I have trialed many different premium chats for trading but Elite Traders have topped them all. With their attention to detail and excellent trade signals, it has not only allowed me to easily copy the signal but to understand the knowledge and reasoning behind the signal. This has allowed me to build my individual knowledge in trading as I am very new to it but I feel like I am now making progress. Also if there are any questions they are more than happy to help and are very reliable with helping you learn which is amazing. Fantastic

Luke Little

"The Best Trading Group"

I have been in many trading groups but none come anywhere near Elite Traders. They don't only send out reliable trading signals but are committed to helping everyone in the community learn to trade for themselves. The community has a great feel to it with everyone helping anyone with any question (no matter how stupid it may sound). I wish I found Elite Traders when I first started!

Oliver Bradley

"Hidden Gem!"

Extremely happy with this service. I have been in a few groups previously, however, nothing matches what is provided here. The Community group chat, education, signals, it's great. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Stephan Mcneil


Been with Elite Traders for a little over 2 months now and I can honestly say it’s been amazing so far, the community is amazing and very active in the group chat ( a feature you don’t often find). The lads at hades are very informative, if you are unsure on a trade they will offer their thoughts on the trade. They’ve helped me so much to the point I’m now thinking of going full time trading. The forex course is brilliant too! Well worth the investment.

Luke Clayton

"Very satisfied with my experience!"

I’ve been with Elite Traders for a while now, i got premium 2 months ago and it’s really helped me out in becoming a profitable, independent trader 👍 Plus the man in charge of the company replies super quick and efficiently!

Jake Reed


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